all you need to know about throw pillows petrova designs gift shop

All You Need To Know About Throw Pillows

all you need to know about throw pillows petrova designs gift shop

Throw pillows are a decorative and comfort necessity of every home, in fact every room now. Who doesn’t want to coil up with their favorite book in bed on a gloomy day to read up their favorite fiction surrounded by comfy throw pillows?

Or just imagine having a tough day at work and you come back home, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and you coil by the window sitting comfortably with throw pillows on your couch.

Throw pillows automatically make all situations cozy, comfortable and homey. Just like fairy lights or scented candles that brighten up any room and make it smell nice, throw pillows can make nay place cozier and comfier just by being there.

So, if you are thinking to jazz up your living space or make your bed extra comfy, you can think about throwing in some pillows anywhere to instantly make the place warmer and Pinteresty.

More so if the throw pillows are in geometric, attractive designs. After all, life’s too short to have boring and sad looking throw pillows.

They should add color, character, and warmth to your space instead of being just a dull addition that does nothing for the outlook and comfort.

1.Throw Pillows

Throw pillows, or toss pillows are basically small sized, ornamental soft furnishing items made of a large range of textiles  like cottonsilk, linen, suede, leatherchenille, and velvet etc.

Throw pillows are a frequently used item in interior design and are available in a great range of shapes, dimensions and decorative elements like tassels, sequins, and piped edges.

The most commonly used throw pillow designs are usually in a square shape and vary from 16 inches to 24 inches in dimensions. In England, throw pillows are generally referred to as scatter cushions.

Throw pillows are typically literally thrown as the name indicates or just loosely placed on sofas or armchairs to give them a comfy feel and attractive outlook. They are not just reserved to couches and chairs but are also frequently used on beds, divans, day beds and floors as well.

Throw pillows look great and feel great so they serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Throw pillows are commonly used in decorations to coordinate color accents in a room, frequently coordinating with the colors of the drapes, walls, or area rugs in that room.

They are also used to give a homey or a more everyday feel by looking as if they were literally thrown onto a piece of furniture in a casual way. From a strictly functional viewpoint, throw pillows are used to provide back, neck and head support to the person who sits with them.

Throw pillows are often enclosed in cushion covers closed by buttons, Velcro, or a zipper. However, the most basic throw pillows, do not usually have an opening and are loosely filled, which means there is no insertion.

These pillows do not include any kind of additional decoration like tassels or piping.

These pillow designs are mostly intended for beginners to sewing. Usually, however, throw pillows include a removable outer cover and a soft insert to make up the finished pillow.

The covers are detachable so that they can be easily removed for washing. The detachable cover also makes it easy to change the insert if it becomes flat and thin after usage or triggers allergies in the users.

These pillow covers, generally known as throw pillow covers or simply just cushion covers, are often sold separately based on their designs from the insert.

These covers  usually have a zipper or a button opening, which comes in commonly two variations: an envelope, which is deigned to hide the zipper behind, and some with a hidden opening, which is generally found at the bottom, the other side of the cushion.

2. Uses of Throw Pillows

all you need to know about throw pillows petrova designs gift shop

It is now understood that throw pillows look great. Whatever Pinterest pin you open with a beautifully set room, you will see throw pillows in a corner somewhere.

Similarly in the age of Instagram influencers and bloggers, it is a common sight to spot beautifully set rooms with a cozy and comfy feel often featuring beautifully designed throw pillows.

Geometric design throw pillows are also commonly used to jazz up the outlook of a room using many different colors and geometric patterns, but we’ll discuss those later.

From these things, it is commonly understood that throw pillows are generally used to enhance the outlook of a space and are hence mostly used for aesthetic or visual pleasure. But that doesn’t mean that throw pillows are all beauty, no brawn.

 Besides being a treat for the eyes and a pleasure for our aesthetics, these pillows bring a variety of uses to the table (or couch if you please).

 If you’re skeptical and thinking what small pillows thrown randomly around a space can do, here are a few listed uses.

  • Décor – no lying or making it all up, but honestly we all need a little something to bring style to the party and these little pillows are your best friends if you need something to brighten up your space.

With a variety of different color, pattern, detail, and texture options, you have a wide selection of pillows to guarantee that you find a pillow that suits your style. Say it all with a colorful sham!

Or for a change, just pick a minimalist chic design like our Petrova geometric designs. These simple but elegant pillows will fit effortlessly into any home décor style. 

  • Body support – besides being a great design element to make your place look straight out of a lifestyle magazine, they also are ideal to turn your otherwise boring bed into a pillow palace with just a few comfy throws.

Similarly, any piece of furniture like a couch or a divan or a big chair can become thrice as comfortable and supportive for the body with just the addition of a few throw pillows or even a single pillow.

They are ideal for providing more support to your body right where it needs it because they are small and can fit anywhere easily.

While lumbar pillows and bolsters pillow make any furniture more supportive for seating, a square throw pillow adds in just enough structure and character for a comfy couch.

  • Filling space – throw pillows are ideal to fill in extra or boring space. With their ability to light up any place with a cozy aura, they convey a sense of comfort, so even just one pillow instantaneously boosts a bedroom or living room’s coziness level.

If you have a boring, empty corner of your room that you don’t know what to do with, just throw a few pillows on the floor with a nice rug. If your bed looks boring with two sleeping pillows, just add a few geometrical designed throw pillows color coordinating with the general theme of your bedroom and it will instantly look a lot nicer.

For your movie or game nights, just add a few throw pillows on your couches with coordinating plush throws, add a few fairy lights and you are ready for a Pinterest worthy look.

Fill out the negative and boring space on your bed, couch, or armchairs with a welcoming throw pillow and see how it instantly changes the outlook. You can have a look at our geometric throw pillows here to choose a great pillow to fill your space.

Great for babies -  if you have kids or little babies at home, throw pillows can serve different purposes for them.

If your baby has recently started sitting and needs support to balance his sitting, you can provide extra support by the sides with throw pillows.

If you fear they will fall off the couch or the bed, you can make a barrier with throw pillows to keep them off the edges safely.

Remember building pillow castles as a kid? As absurd as it might sound now but your kids need throw pillows to make extra support in their pillow castles and in their kiddie tents for playing. If nothing else, they’ll be great for slumber or pajama parties to have a fun pillow fight.

 Kids gotta do what kids gotta do. They need their own stuff to thrive in their own little worlds.

So, throw pillows are ideal for any home because of their decorative and support elements but more of a fun necessity for homes with babies and families.

3. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are the designs that involve different geometrical shapes and lines put together to form a design.

Geometrical shapes and designs need intricate designing based on the angles and dimensions and are made keeping in view minute details to form flawless designs.

 Their intricate patterns and designing aside, they look very simple and elegant in designs and that’s what makes them an ideal option to be used on throw pillows.

Geometrical designs are common in designing different things. Almost every field of life and designing draws on geometry for designing and dimensions.

 Architecture, product design and mathematics of different machinery rely heavily upon geometrical shapes.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that geometrical designs are now widely used in textile designing and fabric patterns.

Home accessories stores and design lines often design various bedding and upholstery items in geometrical patterns and shapes.

If you go see these sections of any big store, you will find many options of geometrical designs in cushions, throws, pillows, curtains and even bedsheets and comforters. Their huge popularity creates a huge demand of production and supply, so they are commonly available in home stores all around the world and online.

4. Geometric Throw Pillows

all you need to know about throw pillows petrova designs gift shop

Seeing the massive popularity of geometric fabric designs, interior and textile designers thought of having these patterns on throw pillows too.

Geometric throw pillows are the pillows that have geometric designs on them. These designs are usually printed on the fabric with different colors. Sometimes these designs are woven in the fabric itself, so those pillows have a distinct geometric design fabric that looks great with various backgrounds.

 Some geometric pillows can have geometric details embroidered on them. These pillows are generally a bit more expensive in comparison to the ones with geometric designs printed or woven into them.

Embroidered geometric designs need fine attention to detail and measurements and are made after taking very precise measurements. These details are time taking and require effort, that is why these are more expensive than the printed or sequined pillows.

Whatever way geometric details are added, they look great and are a good idea to add in any room.

Similarly, quilted geometric designs are pretty common on throw pillows where patterns are sewn together in geometrical shapes to make a throw pillow.

Quilted throw pillows are excellent examples of patchwork and they have a very characteristic presence in a room.

Add a quilted throw pillow to any boring corner and it will immediately give it character and definition. So, they are one of the most popular kinds of geometric throw pillows and are again a bit on the expensive side.

If you need geometric throw pillows on a budget, then your safest bet are woven geometric designs or printed throw pillows.

Geometric throw pillows have been in fashion since quite some time now. With intricate geometric designs and details, these pillows are an instant hit in any space.

Geometric pillows are usually placed on furniture or floor, keeping in mind the surrounding geometry of the space to enhance its beauty, rather than making the whole space look cramped up by adding same geometrical patterns on top of each other.

If the place is having longitudinal lines and you add a throw pillow with vertical lines in that space, it would make it look very cramped up and narrow.

On the other hand, if you add a cushion with circular geometric designs, like this one from Petrova, it will make the whole outlook roomier and spacy.

If your room has circular designs on walls and the sofa or couch where you intend to put your throw pillows has a rounded outlook, you wouldn’t want to add more circular geometrical designs there on your throw pillows.

Remember to always switch things up for a holistic and nice outlook. For such cases, you can choose from a variety of other pillows having different geometrical shapes.

For instance, pillows with geometrical lines or square patterns will provide a good dimension and outlook to that furniture while toning down the roundness of the furniture piece or the upholstery pattern.

You can check some amazing designs for different geometrical shapes here.

5. Colorful Geometric Throw Pillows

When it comes to geometric throw pillows, there are many options available in stores and online.

 Just like different ways of imparting the geometric designs that we have discussed above, the colors of these patterns also give a great variety to throw pillows and make them easy to choose.

It is always important to first take into account the general outlook of your room and your interior style before choosing the colors of your throw pillows.

They should not exactly match in color with everything else around them to get camouflaged, but at the same time they should stand out instead of looking out of place.

Colorful and vibrant geometric throw pillows are an excellent idea to add to black and white or dull backgrounds.

They are an easy way to throw in a pop of color to any boring room. Funky and bright colored throw pillows instantly make a room brighter and happier by providing a cheery, colorful dimension.

You can check some extremely beautiful geometric pillows with vibrant colors here. Geometric pillows in vibrant colors are a great option for those who like their spaces lively and cheerful in outlook.

Geometric pillows look great in muted tones too. If you don’t like loud colors and aim for more of a boho chic look of that corner or just the general vibe of your home is more muted or pastel, you can easily find pillows in geometrical designs with neutral or muted colors. They look equally great like loud, funky pillows. It is all about your personal choice and style.

Other than colorful throw pillows, black and white throw pillows are also a great option if your personal style is more monochromatic.

Black and white geometric designs are a great design idea if you want to add patterns to your monochrome looks without adding lots of colors to your room.

These pillows add character and dimension to your otherwise boring looking monochromes, without disrupting the general theme.

You can find some interesting geometrical designs like this on Petrova.

Our last verdict is that geometric throw pillows are a great addition to all your shabby looking nooks and corners.

They are a great accessory to many kinds of furniture and can instantly uplift the outlook and mood of your room.

Not only are they interesting to look at and aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time, they provide added comfort and support for you.


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