Are there specific designs or patterns that work better for indoor or outdoor throw pillows?

Are there specific designs or patterns that work better for indoor or outdoor throw pillows?

Yes. There are certain designs and patterns that tend to work better for indoor and outdoor throw pillows due to the different environmental conditions and usage requirements. Here are some considerations for each:

Indoor Throw Pillows


  • Fabric: For indoor use, you have more flexibility with fabric choices since the pillows won't be exposed to harsh outdoor elements. Look for fabrics that are comfortable, soft, and may have a more luxurious feel, such as cotton, linen, velvet, or silk blends.
  • Design and Patterns: Indoor throw pillows can incorporate a wide range of designs and patterns. You can choose from intricate designs, vibrant colors, or various textures to complement your interior decor. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to add visual interest to your space.
  • Seasonal Themes: You can have fun with indoor throw pillows by incorporating seasonal themes. For example, during the holiday season, consider pillows with festive patterns like snowflakes, reindeer, or ornaments. During the warmer months, opt for light and airy designs that evoke a summery feel.
  • Mix and Match: Indoor spaces allow for more experimentation and creativity. Mix and match different patterns and textures to create a layered and inviting look. Play with complementary colors or go for a monochromatic scheme to achieve a cohesive design.
  • Emphasize Comfort: Indoor throw pillows are primarily meant for comfort, so prioritize plushness and softness in your fabric choices. Consider adding a variety of shapes and sizes, such as lumbar pillows or large floor cushions, to provide more seating options and enhance the comfort of your space.

Outdoor Throw Pillows


  • Weather-Resistant Fabrics: Outdoor throw pillows must be made from durable and weather-resistant materials to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, and dirt. Look for fabrics such as solution-dyed acrylic, polyester, or outdoor-specific fabrics designed to resist fading, mold, and mildew.
  • Solid Colors and Sunbrella Fabrics: While there are outdoor pillows with patterns and prints, solid colors tend to be more popular for outdoor spaces. Sunbrella fabrics are particularly well-known for their high performance and resistance to fading and staining, making them a popular choice for outdoor pillows.
  • Easy-to-Clean Designs: Outdoor pillows are more likely to get dirty, so designs with simple patterns or solid colors are easier to clean. Zippered covers that can be removed and washed are also beneficial.
  • Coordinated Color Scheme: When designing your outdoor space, consider a coordinated color scheme for your throw pillows that complements the surrounding environment. Earthy tones like greens, browns, and blues often work well in outdoor settings, as they blend with nature.
  • Nautical or Tropical Themes: If you have a beachfront or poolside area, you can go for nautical or tropical-themed throw pillows. Look for designs with seashells, palm leaves, anchors, or marine motifs to create a coastal or island-inspired atmosphere.
  • Water-Repellent and Quick-Drying: Outdoor throw pillows should be water-repellent and quick-drying to prevent water from being absorbed and to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. Consider adding a waterproof liner or choosing pillows with a moisture-resistant filling.
  • Sun Protection: If your outdoor space receives a lot of direct sunlight, consider choosing throw pillows with UV-resistant properties to prevent fading and maintain vibrant colors for a longer time.


Keep in mind that some throw pillows are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. These pillows often use fabrics that strike a balance between comfort and durability. They are made to be more resistant to fading, moisture, and mildew, while still being soft enough for indoor comfort. If you're looking for versatility, consider these multi-functional pillows.

Ultimately, your choice of throw pillow designs and patterns should reflect your personal taste and complement the overall aesthetic of the space where they will be used. Whether indoors or outdoors, selecting the right fabrics and designs will enhance the comfort and visual appeal of your living areas.

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