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T shirts are the easiest and most comfortable to carry clothing item and it comes as no surprise that T shirts are one of the highest selling items worldwide. Whether you are staying back and chilling at home, or you are going out with friends, watching a movie, or going for a game, a T shirt seems like the safest and easiest option to pick. So, it comes as no surprise that t-shirts are one of the most highly produced and worn upper garments in the whole world.

People wear t-shirts because of their simplicity, easy to carry nature and airy/comfortable fabrics. They are equally popular in men, women and kids today, although there was a time when they were only considered as a men’s’ clothing item and that too, to be worn underneath proper garments. Sounds like a funny, far-fetched story but it is true. Nowadays, t-shirts seem like the easiest and most common choice of upper garment when it comes to dressing up. T-shirts have also gained massive popularity due to their different printed messages.

Printed t-shirts come with different kinds of prints and messages written across them. While most t-shirts have messages or numbers written across the chest, some t-shirts can have prints at their bottom, shoulders, back or even sleeves. Most of the numeric or number t-shirts have numbers written across their back or sleeves. Most numeric t-shirts are used in sports events too to clearly display the numbers given to players. While it is common in sports and physical events to use numeric t-shirts, they are not only confined to these events and arenas. Numeric t-shirts are generally in fashion too because the numbers can portray any kind of significance for their owners. For instance, t-shirts can have numbers in the form of birth dates or lucky numbers or anniversary dates or just simply years of significance.

Whatever the significance is, numeric t-shirts are very common and popular, and it looks like they are here to stay. As so many people wear numeric t-shirts printed every year by so many brands and companies, it is definitely a fact worthy of noticing that numeric t-shirts are an evergreen fashion statement and not getting out of fashion any time soon.


History of t-shirts

The history of T-shirt is not ancient. It is one of the modern/recent clothing items that came in general use quite fast. The first T-shirt history goes back to the 19th century. Like all revolutionary clothing items, t-shirts were basically invented by the working class. At a time when clothing used to be very elaborate and time-taking, there was no question of having a piece of clothing as breezy as a t-shirt. Women used to wear skirts and layers of clothing and undergarments. Similarly, aristocrat men were expected to wear breeches and elaborate collars to go out in public. These clothes were not only difficult to get in to (jokes apart they honestly took between 20-40 mins dressing up), but also made mobility very difficult owing to so many layers and pieces. Moreover, those clothes were very difficult to breathe in especially during hot summer months. Ladies fainting in those dresses was a common sight and men fell sick because they couldn’t breathe and move freely in those clothes.

Aristocracy could afford falling sick or fainting, but it was very tough for common people and working class to afford such luxury when they had to work to earn their meals. So, it comes as no surprise that T-shirts were first invented  by laborers in the late 19th century when they cut their jumpsuits to make them airier and easier to move in. t-shirts quickly gained popularity among laborers and working class because they were airy, easy to carry and comfortable to work in.

Later on, up till 1940, t-shirts became popular in all classes, but they were still considered as an undershirt or an undergarment most of the time and there was no question about women wearing t-shirts of any sort. T-shirts as a dressing item had a long way to go before they became as popular as they are today.

T-shirts as they are worn today owe their popularity to two movie stars, Marlon Brando, and  James Dean. Before the 1950s, it was common to see World war II veterans wearing t-shirts tucked in their trousers, but they were still considered undershirts to be worn under ‘proper’ clothes. Outside of factories, worksites and war zones, t-shirts were not worn commonly as a garment on their own and neither did men wear them to gatherings or market in common everyday use. In 1950s, these two actors famously wore t-shirts as their character in two movies and suddenly t-shirts were the next hot thing in fashion. To start this trend, Marlon Brando famously dressed in a white t-shirt as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. That was the first time when cinema audiences watched a movie character wearing a t-shirt as a proper garment in his everyday life and the fashion statement came as a bit of a the general public. James Dean was quick to follow lead and normalized it to a great extent after wearing a t-shirt in 1955's Rebel Without a Cause. 

Owing to James Dean’s popularity at that time and big success of his movie, Rebel Without a Cause, wearing t-shirts in everyday life was normalized to a great extent. People are always eager to follow their favorite movie stars and characters when it comes to fashion. So, t-shirt was the next big fashion statement. Thanks to these two legendary actors, the fame of the t-shirt as a stand-alone outerwear garment on its own skyrocketed. More t-shirts started getting manufactured as the demand rose and the t-shirt business saw a big spike in a matter of a year.

By the 1960s, t-shirts started getting popularity as an everyday outer-upper garment and people started using t-shirts in their everyday life, but numeric t-shirts were still a long way ahead. With the passage of time, plain white t-shirts gave way to t-shirts in other colors as well. People started buying t-shirts in different colors and later on printed t-shirts also started getting in fashion.

Printed t-shirts paved way for a new era of t-shirts. As men and women both started wearing t-shirts and it became a popular everyday clothing item. It started gaining popularity to have printed messages on it. From song lyrics to political slogans, from love messages to new year wishes and to numeric symbols and different patterns, t-shirts started getting different kinds of prints. Printed t-shirts became the next big thing in fashion. Numeric or number t-shirts are the t-shirts having a number or different numbers printed across them.

Number t-shirts

Number or numerical t-shirts are the t-shirts that have numbers written on them. These numbers can signify anything and sometimes they are just random numbers not signifying anything important. Numeric t-shirts have been in fashion since a few decades now and their popularity does not seem to go down with these passing years. Numeric t-shirts are worn both by men and women and kids as well. These t-shirts are mostly used in sports to identify players by their player numbers. Similarly, number t-shirts are used in marathons and other events involving a large number of people. Other than that, birth dates and anniversary dates are common on numeric t-shirts.


Numeric t-shirts in sports

One of the earliest uses of numeric t-shirts started in sports. Numeric t-shirts are a common sight in sports fields. One of the common reasons behind the use of number t-shirts is to easily identify players while they play and are in speed running. It is easier to identify them with numbers written on their t-shirts instead of their names as it can be difficult to read names from a distance. Usage of number t-shirts in sports goes back quite a long time. The earliest photographic evidence of numbered t-shirts is from the 1900s in Australia.

With the passage of time, numeric t-shirts became so common in sports that many sports started using these t-shirts. Modern examples of sports that use numeric t-shirts on field are many. For example, association football, it is one of the oldest sports to use number t-shirts. Baseball usually involves jerseys instead of t-shirts, but they are also numbered. Cricket is another common example of a sport that uses number t-shirts for players on the field. Each country/team’s players have both their names and their kit numbers written at the back of their t-shirts.

Marathons and Olympic races also have numbered shirts commonly used for easily identify them from a distance. Some marathons and races do not use t-shirts now and crop tops are in use but generally they also fall under the category of numeric shirts. However, instead of the back, it is common for races to have numbers written across the chest or on the sleeves. Marathons usually have a big number of people competing, so the player numbers also go up to hundreds or thousands depending upon the magnitude of the event.

Number t-shirts were first used in different sports a very long time ago because at that time, sports were not broadcast live on big screens. Neither did they have high resolution and excellent quality cameras to zoom into players and show them on big screens in the stadiums. So, at that time, it became an uphill task for the audiences to watch the game from a distance, sitting in the stadium and notice which player for instance scored a goal in a football game. With numeric t shirts it became really easy for the audience to identify players without relying on the modern technology that we have today. This player number became a kind of identity to the sportspersons too as many players started getting recognition from their numbers. One of the recent examples of this is the Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo who is known ad CR 07. His fans all over the world recognize him by this number and often buy the same numeric t-shirts too to celebrate their favorite footballer. You can get a similar but simpler version of it here.

Nowadays, we don’t really need numeric t-shirts to recognize players across the field, but they have turned into a tradition across different sports fields and so the number t-shirts continue to rule the sports world.

Year t-shirts

Year t-shirts are another cool example of numeric t-shirts. Ever since t-shirts started getting prints on them, they became a medium of expression for creativity and messages. While many t-shirts carry long alphabetical messages, some carry very short numeric messages.

Year t-shirts are a great example of number t-shirts that are printed in a huge number across the world every year. The most common year t-shirts are the new year t-shirts. At the New Year’s Eve, where many people like jazzing up their dressing and going to big parties, there are many others who love a walk by the park or a place like the Times square or Sydney opera house to just watch the fireworks and enjoy while wearing something comfortable. Year t-shirts at this occasion are a big hit. Lots of people wear t-shirts having written happy new year or new year messages over them, while lots of other people just like simple t-shirts with just the new year written over them like 2022. For example this t-shirt right here. Whatever be the case, it is a common sight to watch many people across the world wearing number t-shirts at the New Year’s Eve.

Apart from the New Year’s Eve, year t-shirts are also printed for various other occasions or purposes. For example, people wear their birthyear t-shirts or any year written over them that holds some sort of significance for the person who wears it. After 9/11, lots of t-shirts were printed and sold to remember those who lost their lives in the sad incident. Similarly in the year 2000, when a new millennium started, lots of 000s number t shirts were printed to commemorate the beginning of a new millennium.

Birth year/Anniversary t-shirts

According to Wikipedia, “Numerology is the pseudoscientific belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar to divinatory arts.”

In simpler words, people who believe in numerology believe that certain numbers have mystical power and importance for them as related to their personal lives based on the science/ art of numerology. This is an ancient practice and belief and has been practiced in various parts of the world since a very long time. Examples of numerology and its importance have been proven from ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Indian, Persian, and ancient Roman cultures. Which proves that it really does carry some sort of mystical power and can influence people’s lives.

If you believe in numerology, you believe that your birth date or year carries a prime importance in your life and will keep on influencing all events in your life. Similarly other dates/years that mark important events in your life are also a part of numerological knowledge and can have influence over your future life as well. Similarly, you can have lucky or unlucky numbers based on numerology and they can provide a reason for why you buy your number t-shirts like these.

Even if you don’t believe in the science of numerology and you think it is merely discarded and useless knowledge of nothing, just hyped by ancient people, you can still like a number t-shirt. Why? Simply because it feels nice to have your birthday or birth year written on a t-shirt. Like if you were born in 2006, how about having a plain black t-shirt from Petrova designs with just 2006 written over it. So classy, right?

If you are not big on birthdays or anniversaries and don’t like wearing numbers on your t-shirts. You never know someone else might be. Maybe your someone special would like to have an anniversary t-shirt with the year you met or got engaged/married written on it. Number t-shirts are an excellent gift if you want to give someone something simple but meaningful for their birthday or anniversary. Imagine waking upon your anniversary to go on a simple date or a walk in the park holding hands and wearing the same simple, solid t-shirts with just your anniversary year written on it. An instant way to tell the world what lovebirds you are.

You can also order bulk t-shirts for your graduating batch with their year written on the t-shirts to have memorable batch photos before graduating high school or college.

So that was all about t-shirts and number t-shirts. We hope you liked finding out about how t-shirts and especially numeric t-shirts came into business and how you can carry one and rock it!

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