What is the standard size for decorative throw pillows?

What is the Standard Size for Decorative Throw Pillows?

When it comes to decorative throw pillows, there are several standard sizes that you can choose from to achieve the perfect look for your space. Here are the common standard sizes for decorative throw pillows:

  1. Square Throw Pillows: Square throw pillows are the most popular choice for decorative accents on sofas, chairs, and beds. The standard sizes for square throw pillows range from 16x16 inches to 20x20 inches. These sizes provide a balanced and visually appealing look, whether you use them individually or in combination.

  2. Rectangular Throw Pillows: Rectangular throw pillows are ideal for adding variation and visual interest to your pillow arrangement. The standard sizes for rectangular throw pillows typically range from 12x18 inches to 14x24 inches. These pillows work well when placed in front of square pillows or as a contrasting shape within a pillow grouping.

  3. Bolster Pillows: Bolster pillows have a cylindrical shape and are often used for both decorative and functional purposes. The standard size for a bolster pillow is usually around 8 inches in diameter and 20 to 30 inches in length. These pillows can be placed along the back of a sofa or used as a supportive accent on a bed.

  4. Lumbar Pillows: Lumbar pillows are elongated and rectangular in shape, providing excellent lower back support while adding a stylish touch to your furniture. The standard size for lumbar pillows typically ranges from 12x18 inches to 14x26 inches. They are perfect for adding extra comfort and visual appeal to chairs and benches.

Remember, these sizes are considered standard, but you can always mix and match different sizes to create a custom look that suits your personal style and preferences. Consider the size of your furniture, the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, and the desired level of comfort when selecting decorative throw pillows for your space.

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